The Dental Minute – Radiation in Dentistry.

Raditaion exposure at the dentist is something that concerns a lot of people. The new dental minute debunks some radiation myths and shows just how safe dental x-ray’s can be.

Creating Oral Health for your Child

“I can still remember sitting on my fathers lap as he taught me how to read for the first time.  I sounded out each letter of each word and he patiently corrected me and guided me through the sentences one by one.  That book was The Berenstain Bears Visit the Dentist and it was not soon after that that I first made the proclamation that I wanted to be a dentist when I was older.”

The Berenstain Bears Visit the Dentist

Memories like this between a parent and a child can have a profound impact on the course of a young boy’s or girl’s life. So can teaching them things like proper brushing and flossing. Being present with them, observing them, correcting them and guiding them as they clean each tooth will create a lasting impression in the course of their oral health. If every child was taught and guided in this manner, they would grow up cavity free and with a regard for the dentist as a healer instead of a person to be feared.

Good oral health is something to be cherished, just like a reading a good book or spending time with the ones you love.

 “Good Grief, It’s Time to Brush Your Teeth.”

Here is some dental fun from the 1970’s.  Good grief!