Thank You and Welcome To Cooney Dental.

Below, you will find a personal introduction, from Dr. Cooney, to our website. Please, explore the site and make use of the information contained in these pages.  When you inform yourself about your dental care, you are able to make educated decisions regarding it. Thanks for visiting!

Fillings and Cracked Teeth

The latest edition of the Dental Minute shows you what happens when an old filling begins to crack the tooth around itself. Check it out!

If Gum Disease is Bad For Your Pet…

…think about what it can do to you!  The video below describes gum disease in pets and the issues that can develop if left untreated. Let’s help make ourselves and our pets as healthy as they can be!

Retro Dental Fun

This video is a Colgate Toothpaste commercial from the golden age of television advertising.  It is surprising how many toothpastes of the modern age use the exact same gimmick (the foaming action) to sell toothpaste today.  Enjoy the video and see if you catch yourself humming the catchy jingle afterwards!